Step in to My Internet Life


Whether you can’t escape their logos or you are opening Firefox for the first time – let’s take a moment to bask in the brilliance of these sites.


1.) Messy Nessy Chic: All things obscure, fashionable, abandoned, vintage. Always a mouth-watering adventure for the curious. I usually fill my browser with all the articles I want to read and just watch as my perception of the universe shatters.


2.) PostSecret: Through tears, scars. laughter, and hangnails, this blog will always give you a hug. It’s a refreshing space to be reminded that you are never an outsider. It’s almost spooky.

interracial knot oldernameO


3.) Open Culture: Not so much a blog as a host for roughly an infinite number of resources. You miiiiight notice the words “free” plastered all over the front page but for the information junkie, time has never been more expensive.

Hasta la vista grad school!


4.) This Is Indexed: I lost track of how many years I’ve been reading this blog but minimalistic, geometric poetry never gets old.


5.) Hel-Looks: WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE (Helsinki) AND WHERE DO THEY GET THESE CLOTHES (read the description)! Another blog I’ve been reading for years and still am not satisfied with the answers.


6.) FoodGawker: Notice the theme of information overload. Notice that you need nourishment. FoodGawker hooks you up to all kinds of blogs and a full stomach.