Beginner’s Quiche in a Rice Cooker: One part recipe, one part journal, one part listicle


The term in French cuisine is: Emotional Rollercoaster
See also: Ultra-Lazy Method

[insert professional food photography according to your imagination]

1 Pillsbury pie crust that you’ve been staring at since Thanksgiving
3 eggs
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 can of chickpeas = garbanzos = cana
1/3 bag of spinach
some soy milk
patience sauce

1.) Unroll pie crust and let it warm up on the counter so you can easily mold it into your teeny rice cooker.
2.) The only research I did before going into this was to use butter to coat the rice cooker bowl before putting in the pie crust, so do that.
3.) Forget to saute everything.
4.) Mix together all ingredients in a bowl except for the crust.
5.) Cut the now-practically-melting-but-flexible pie crust into a Pac-Man shape. Fold/close his mouth and stuff it against the sides of the rice cooker.
6.) Pour in everything that was in the mixing bowl into the pie crust and top it off with milk or another egg if there’s space. Use that extra triangle for garnish.
7.) Continually run back to the kitchen every five minutes for the next half-hour because you’re not sure if it is going to burn into an ashy crisp or you will die of salmonella this very night.
8.) Be angry at the rice cooker for shutting off every 30 seconds and threaten to use the oven.
9.) Get out materials to finish cooking that damned quiche on the stove because your anti-materialist ideals forbid owning pie pans.
10.) Start to remove it only to discover that the rice cooker has a half a brain and cooked it PERFECTLY! It’s actually sliiightly undercooked which, as a cookie-dough lover is the same as perfect. Also, it doesn’t get all dried out like when you cook it in an oven. Turns out, when the rice cooker is on “cook” instead of “warm,” even for 30 seconds, you can trust that little guy.


my crystal ball tells that your mouth is watering



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