interpret this, appreciate that.


The bookstore I work at just started selling postcards that someone had collected from a tons of art museums. These some of are my favorite finds. At some point I hope I be better at WordPress/HTML so that the images will be on the post instead of the link to them.

  • J. M. W. Turner’s Scarlet Sunset, 1830-40: YES you CAN totally pull off squiggly lines in a beautiful painting.
  • Charles Wilson Peale’s The Artist in His Museum, 1822: I realize that the painting is supposed to express his interest in natural history, but I love the placement of his hand. I feel like its awkward and creepy instead of welcoming.
  • Klimt’s Beech Forest, 1902: Takes my breath away. Much better in print…or in person probably.
  • Stuart Pearson Wright does great portraits. I especially recommend Middlesbrough.
  • Fritz von Unde’s The Nursery, 1889: I can’t imagine this being every day of someone’s life. [Insert feminist battle cry. (Unless this is your first choice lifestyle, then go for it.)]
  • I’m definitely obsessed with all of John Atkinson Grimshaw, but here is Autumn Morning: He paints the moment you really take in how beautiful everything around you is and how wonderful it is to be alive.
  • Finally, Carl Spitzweg’s The Poor Poet, 1839: Yes of course you can be my new BFF!

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