song recommendation #1


CHEERS to finally starting this blog! My plan is to figure out what it’s about as I go along.

Here is Phantom Anthillls by Chad VanGaalen:

It’s kind of strange to be posting about this song, which I discovered while setting up this blog, instead of Willow Tree because I’ve listened to Willow Tree at least a billion times. I couldn’t believe that they were the same artist actually – they sound so different.

Willow Tree is the kind of song you listen to on repeat when you’re lying on the floor of your room or when you’re watching a sunset. Or PMSing. It’s sad and folksy and best for when you’re thinking about the bigger picture.

Phantom Anthills is soft electronic and makes you wanna dance! Very indie electronic and catchy without being cliche. I could see how someone might think it’s too repetitive but I think it’s all part of the statement he’s making/emotions he’s expressing.

Both songs are from his album Soft Airplane but he has three other albums that I’m sure have great stuff too. The way I’ve been finding music lets me find a single easily but also forget to listen to the rest of the album. It might be time to reevaluate that method.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these two songs and VanGaalen’s talent in mastering styles that are on opposite ends of the indie spectrum.

EDIT: I also recommend TMNT Mask. It’s even more dancey and electronic than Phantom Anthills. And maybe would have been better to contrast with Willow Tree… OH WELL.


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