Are You Sure?


Call me crazy,
A rebel,
A hippie,
Or a fucking hipster.

Call me paranoid,
Or too easily convinced.

Call me emotional,
Too young,
Or going through a phase.

Call me weird,
Too picky.

Call me too sensitive,
Or trying to be cool.

Call me trying to be,
As if I’m the one conforming.

Go ahead and keep obscuring honesty.


interpret this, appreciate that.


The bookstore I work at just started selling postcards that someone had collected from a tons of art museums. These some of are my favorite finds. At some point I hope I be better at WordPress/HTML so that the images will be on the post instead of the link to them.

  • J. M. W. Turner’s Scarlet Sunset, 1830-40: YES you CAN totally pull off squiggly lines in a beautiful painting.
  • Charles Wilson Peale’s The Artist in His Museum, 1822: I realize that the painting is supposed to express his interest in natural history, but I love the placement of his hand. I feel like its awkward and creepy instead of welcoming.
  • Klimt’s Beech Forest, 1902: Takes my breath away. Much better in print…or in person probably.
  • Stuart Pearson Wright does great portraits. I especially recommend Middlesbrough.
  • Fritz von Unde’s The Nursery, 1889: I can’t imagine this being every day of someone’s life. [Insert feminist battle cry. (Unless this is your first choice lifestyle, then go for it.)]
  • I’m definitely obsessed with all of John Atkinson Grimshaw, but here is Autumn Morning: He paints the moment you really take in how beautiful everything around you is and how wonderful it is to be alive.
  • Finally, Carl Spitzweg’s The Poor Poet, 1839: Yes of course you can be my new BFF!

song recommendation #1


CHEERS to finally starting this blog! My plan is to figure out what it’s about as I go along.

Here is Phantom Anthillls by Chad VanGaalen:

It’s kind of strange to be posting about this song, which I discovered while setting up this blog, instead of Willow Tree because I’ve listened to Willow Tree at least a billion times. I couldn’t believe that they were the same artist actually – they sound so different.

Willow Tree is the kind of song you listen to on repeat when you’re lying on the floor of your room or when you’re watching a sunset. Or PMSing. It’s sad and folksy and best for when you’re thinking about the bigger picture.

Phantom Anthills is soft electronic and makes you wanna dance! Very indie electronic and catchy without being cliche. I could see how someone might think it’s too repetitive but I think it’s all part of the statement he’s making/emotions he’s expressing.

Both songs are from his album Soft Airplane but he has three other albums that I’m sure have great stuff too. The way I’ve been finding music lets me find a single easily but also forget to listen to the rest of the album. It might be time to reevaluate that method.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these two songs and VanGaalen’s talent in mastering styles that are on opposite ends of the indie spectrum.

EDIT: I also recommend TMNT Mask. It’s even more dancey and electronic than Phantom Anthills. And maybe would have been better to contrast with Willow Tree… OH WELL.